Residential Carpet Cleaning Service in Oak Lawn, IL

Chicago Carpet Care is a trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning company that proudly services homes throughout the the Oak Lawn, IL area. We’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for over a decade, and our hard work and dedication to doing things right have earned us the trust of thousands of customers in Oak Lawn and in the Chicago Metro Area as a whole.

As one of the most experienced carpet cleaners in Chicago, we bring a high level of professionalism, expertise, and commitment to every single job, big or small. Our goal is to get the job done right, the first time, for the agreed upon price. On top of carpet cleaning services, we offer the Oak Lawn area a number of other services as residential and commercial services!

When you choose Chicago Carpet Care, you are guaranteed to get:

  • The most affordable prices for carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Oak Lawn
  • High-quality carpet cleaning services
  • Professional and experienced technicians
  • High level customer care and support
Professional Carpet Cleaning in Summer

Why Choose Chicago Carpet Care for carpet cleaning services in Oak Lawn?

Chicago Carpet Care provides professional and affordable eco-friendly carpet cleaning services in Oak Lawn and all of Chicago’s other suburbs. We specialize in cleaning carpets using effective, low-moisture steam extraction methods – which is the method most recommended by carpet manufacturers.

Here are a few more reasons to choose Chicago Carpet Care as your trusted carpet cleaning company:

  • We protect and extend the durability of your carpet using recommended hot water extraction cleaning methods. With regular maintenance, you’ll reduce the wear of your carpet, extend its life, and restore its original look!
  • We are committed to helping you create healthier, cleaner, and welcoming spaces in your home. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will effectively remove the dust, dirt, stains, and bacteria from your floor.
  • We reduce allergens that can potentially cause health problems such as asthma and coughing, sneezing and more in your home. When dust, smoke, pet dander, and even dust mites accumulate on your carpet for a long time, they can causing respiratory and other health problems.
  • We not only provide a professional carpet cleaning service but also guarantee quality, integrity, attention to details, fair prices, and excellent customer care. Our technicians are honest and can be counted on for the best carpet cleaning services in Oak Lawn, IL.

We understand how it can be difficult to find the right carpet cleaning company for your home or business – and that’s why we strive to answer all questions you may have before you use our services. See below!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have questions? We might already have answers! See below for a quick FAQ:

  1. Which carpet cleaning method do you recommend? 

We recommend steam cleaning (hot water extraction) method. This method involves pretreating your carpet fibers with eco-friendly toxic free cleaning solution, followed by hot water rinsing and extraction, to remove any excess water and cleaning solution, leave your carpet clean and residue-free.

  1. How much does your carpet cleaning service cost? 

    • 1 Room – $45 (up to 260 sq.ft per room)
    • Hallway – $20+ (based on length)
    • Steps – $3 per step
    • Carpet Deodorizing – $10 per room (optional)
    • Odor Enzyme Treatment – $20 per room(optional)
    • Carpet Protector – $0.30 per sq.ft (optional)

Our minimum charge for every appointment is $149. Contact us today to get a free quote for your carpet cleaning needs.

  1. Will my carpet look brand new look after you clean it? 

Your carpet will definitely look much better than it did before we cleaned it. That said – the final result will depend on a number of factors such as:

  • The age of the carpet
  • How long since it has been professionally cleaned
  • The material
  • The type of stains it has
  • Etc.

Regardless, our professional carpet cleaning technicians will be able to tell you right away the kind of results to expect before the job even starts.

Contact us by calling 888-449-3227 or by clicking here to fill out our form. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm, to answer any question you may have or provide an accurate and fairly priced estimate.

Contact us today!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Whether you have carpet, tile or a variety of different floors, we understand the importance of keeping your floors looking good at all times.

While vacuuming is is a good way of eliminating dirt and dust from your carpets, most small scale vacuums just can’t give your surfaces the deep clean they’ll need from time to time – and you’ll need to hire the pros. That’s where we come in!

At Chicago Carpet Care, we are proud to offer a thorough and detailed professional carpet cleaning process which includes the following steps:

  • Pre-treatment: Your carpet normally collects a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria from everyday foot traffic and spills. You need to remove the spots and stains on your carpets but scrubbing them with harsh chemicals not only can make the stains permanent but may even ruin the good looks and durability of your carpet. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will inspect all soiled areas of your carpet and choose the right solutions to loosen the dirt and grime and prepare the carpet for cleaning.
  • Removing stains: We use a professional cleaning process to remove stains, spots, grime, and dirt from your carpet using eco-friendly solutions that can lift up and remove most stubborn stains.
  • Removing odors: If you own a pet, or if you’re planning to move to a new property and need to have your carpets sanitized, we highly recommend odor removal as part of the carpet cleaning process. Pets are known to bring all sorts of dirt in the home every single time they walk on the carpet with dirty paws. Pet accidents also happen frequently leaving an unpleasant odor in your house. Our expert carpet cleaning technicians will ensure that all pet and other household odors stuck in your carpets are efficiently removed to leave your interiors smelling fresh and inviting to guests.

At Chicago Carpet Care, we have the perfect carpet cleaning, stain removing, and odor eliminating solutions and tools to ensure that the job is done right, the first time. Additionally, unlike many of the other carpet cleaning companies in Oak Lawn, our technicians use soap free cleaning solutions, so your floors won’t have that filmy residue when we’re done.

Our Guarantee? Your Peace of Mind!

30 day money back guaranteed label satisfaction guaranteed sign
We stand behind our work 100%. If you are not satisfied with any part of your cleaning services, please contact us within 30 days to let us know how we can make it right. If, for any reason, you feel we have not given our best, we offer our customers a full refund of all money paid for cleaning services. We are not happy until you are happy!

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