carpet and upholstery protector

There are two nuisances which can make carpet and upholstery look dull, and worn. The first is liquid stains or spills which cause spots or discoloration, and the second is everyday dirt and grit which is tracked in from the outside. Our special carpet and upholstery protector can safeguard you against both.

An expert application of carpet protector creates a barrier which repels dirt, dust, oil, and liquids, by penetrating individual carpet or upholstery fibers. This means that spills will be much easier to soak up without leaving stains. The protector will also help safeguard your carpets and upholstery against long-term damage which can result when soil, dirt, or dust gets”ground-up? in the material, harming the causing wear patterns.

Chicago Carpet Care’s carpet and upholstery protector makes vacuuming much easier, as dry particulate doesn’t have the chance to embed itself in the fibers. After one application, you may notice your vacuum bags or canisters filling up faster ? this is because your cleaning becomes much more effective.


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Carpet and Upholstery Protector Doesn't Affect Look or Texture

There will be no oily, greasy, or stiff feeling to any of your carpets or upholstery after the protector is applied. It will look and feel soft, clean, and natural.

Odor Free!

No harsh or harmful odors to worry about. No dyes or perfumes.

We Suggest Reapplications Every Six Months

Through normal use and wear, the carpet and upholstery protector will be gradually removed. For best results, we recommend a reapplication every 6 months. Certain factors such as heavy traffic in your home, high relative humidity, and whether some harsher materials are tracked in (think road salt in the winter, or grease from working on a car) might decrease the effective window of the product. You can ask any of our experts to assess the best application plan for your specific situation.

Our Guarantee? Your Peace of Mind!

30 day money back guaranteed label satisfaction guaranteed sign
We stand behind our work 100%. If you are not satisfied with any part of your cleaning services, please contact us within 30 days to let us know how we can make it right. If, for any reason, you feel we have not given our best, we offer our customers a full refund of all money paid for cleaning services. We are not happy until you are happy!

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