You’re never really sleeping alone. In fact, there’s a downright party happening on your mattress every night ? and while you might not be personally invited, your skin cells, sweat, and drool definitely are!

1. Dust Mites Are a HUGE Problem

How huge? The average mattress is infested with anywhere from 100,000 to ten million of these little critters. We’re going to say that one more time: up to ten MILLION!

2. Your Mattress Actually DOUBLES its Weight Thanks to These Things

As dust mites go about the business of living and dying right alongside your sleeping body, they leave their detritus all over the place. So much so that over the life of your mattress, it will double in weight. Yes, that means that there’s as much mattress material as there are bugs!

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3. But Don’t Bother Looking for Them Things

You’d think that 10 million of anything would be visible to the naked eye, but dust mites are just that small. You won’t be able to see them without the help of a powerful microscope, but ask yourself this: Are you sure you want to look?

4. They’re Pretty Creepy

Dust mites are 8-legged creatures, closely related to spiders and ticks ? two things absolutely nobody wants in their beds, ever.

5. Dust Mites Can be Real Party Poopers

And by that we mean they literally poop all over that 10 million dust mite rave. A single dust mite will defecate 20 times per day. 10 million x 20 = the most upsetting math ever!

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6. Their Poop is Bad for You

We can’t think of too many instances where anything’s poop would ever be good for you, but with dust mites, their droppings can be especially harmful. When you’re laying there in bed, you’re breathing in a powerful allergen. Asthma sufferers can be especially susceptible to the effects.

7. If They’re Pooping, They Must be Eating

Oh, they’re eating alright. In a sense, they’re eating you. As you sleep you shed dead skin cells, and dust mites can’t resist chowing down on some sloughed-off epidermis. Mmmm.

8. But if They Can’t Eat Your Skin, They’ll Settle for the Dog’s

Dust Mites also love to feast on animal dander. If you’re not the type to kick Fido and Fluffy out of bed, you might be giving the mites more reason to stay (and adding more allergens!)

9. They REALLY Like Your Bed

There’s nothing like collapsing into your nice warm bed after a hard day, right? Well everything that you love about your bed ? the warmth, the coziness, the softness ? is everything that dust mites love too.

In fact, they love soft, warm things so much, they’re probably in all of them. Got a pillow? Dust mites. Carpet? Dust mites! They’re everywhere.

10. They’re Not Around for Long…

The life cycle of a dust mite is 6 weeks. Doesn’t seem so bad, right?

11. but They Get a Lot Done While They’re tHere

The average female mite will lay 50 eggs over her 6-week lifespan. Yikes.

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12. Dust Mites Can’t Drink or Urinate

Instead, they need to live in moist environments so they can absorb fluids through special glands on their legs. You know what’s moist? You. All that sweat, drool, and moist breath means dust mites can live out full lives thanks to your contributions.

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13. You Don’t HAVE to Live With Them

Dust Mites can be controlled and combated in a number of ways. Hypoallergenic mattress covers can help (make sure they’re rated for dust mites!), as can regular changing and washing of your bedding.

But for absolute best results, a thorough mattress deep-cleaning is recommended. Allergy and asthma sufferers will definitely want to call in the pros for these critters.

Got mites? (Trick question! You definitely do!)

We, at Chicago Carpet Care know exactly how to control these pesky bugs, and prevent them from harming your respiratory system. A deep cleaning featuring hot water extraction can eliminate nearly all allergens, and keep them away for long.

Stop sharing your bed with uninvited guests! ?Schedule your mattress cleaning, in-home appointment for as little as $87 per mattress.

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