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Fall Carpet Cleaning Tips, Part II

We’re well into fall, and unless this is your first year in Chicago, you know that if you haven’t felt the chill already, you soon will. We wrote a blog a few weeks back on some fall carpet cleaning tips, but we have a few more to share that will get you and your carpet through the winter. As a Chicago carpet cleaning expert with decades of experience and thousand and thousands of carpets cleaned throughout the windy city, you can trust us when we tell you we’ve seen it all and done it all – so if you’re serious about keeping your carpets clean, heed our advice below!

Kick Your Shoes Off, Take Your Jacket Off

The vast majority of dirt, grime, and grit that makes it into your home and onto your carpets comes from your outer layers – your shoes, pants, headwear and jackets. Taking the time to remove your shoes alone will vastly reduce dirt ingress onto your rugs.

Whenever you (or your guests) enter your home, take off as many outer layers as you can, preferably in a storm room or entryway, before heading deeper into the home. Your carpets will thank you!

Make Vacuuming a Daily Routine

We know, we know – vacuuming daily isn’t high on your “want to do” list. However, vacuuming for 5-10 minutes a day can add years and years to your carpet as opposed to once weekly (or even monthly… you know who you are!) Dirt and grime has a multiplicative impact on your carpet. The more dirt there is, the more dirt it attracts, and the more likely it is that you’ll grind that dirt deep into the fiber of your carpets… which can ruin them.

So make the effort this fall and winter to vacuum a little bit every day.

Get a Professional Deep Clean For Your Carpets

We said it before, but it’s worth saying again: a professional deep clean of your carpets from a respect Chicago carpet cleaning outfit is not just something we recommend – it’s a necessity… if you really value keeping your carpets clean. Eventually, regardless of what you do, the dirt, dust, dander, grime, and everything you bring into your home from Chicago’s streets will accumulate on your carpet.

Thankfully – we’re only a phone call away. Our Chicago carpet cleaning team

Need Help Keeping your Carpets Clean this Fall and Winter? Give Us a Call!

We hope you use our final fall carpet cleaning tips! They will absolute help to keep your carpets cleaner throughout the cold seasons, but like we said above… you’ll eventually want to call in the pros. We’d love the opportunity, so please reach out to us when you’re ready for professional carpet cleaning services! You can reach us at at (888) 449-3227 or fill out the form on the contact page to reach us online.

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