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Healthy Homes 101: Mattress Cleaning

A good day in Chicago starts with a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep starts with a comfortable and clean mattress… but many people throughout the Chicago area overlook how regular mattress cleaning can impact their health and quality of life. Whether your mattress is just dirty, full of allergens and contaminants, or anything else…a professional mattress cleaning from Chicago Carpet Care can make for a healthier home.

1. Increased Air Quality

Even if a mattress looks and smells clean, it harbors bacteria and debris. It’s basically a giant sponge for sweat, body oils and body odor, as well as dust, allergens, and many other organic compounds commonly emitted from HVAC systems and materials around homes. Sleeping on or just being in the same room as a dirty mattress can cause respiratory issues.

A quick cleaning eliminates some, but not the majority of threats to your family’s lungs. Along with eliminating stubborn odors, professional mattress cleanings prevent you from breathing in many of these compounds.

2. Asthma and Allergy Relief

Like other pollutants, pollen and dust get trapped in mattresses. It’s not just that, though. Mites thrive in mattresses, further irritating scratchy throats and eyes. For people suffering from asthma and severe seasonal allergies, a dirty mattress is a grave enemy.

While the Allergy and Asthma Association recommends vacuuming and covering your mattress and box springs in certified allergen-barrier covers, that only does part of the job. A professional mattress cleaning combines dry vacuuming with hot water extraction and gentle detergents to pull mites and pollutants out from deep in mattresses.

3. Sickness Prevention

According to WebMD, 16 million bacteria microbes were found living in every square inch of seven-year-old mattresses in a recent study. If that’s not gross enough, fungi and certain viruses may also thrive there, including:

  • The E. coli stomach bug
  • Infection-causing Staphylococcus aureus
  • Bacteria associated with pneumonia, diarrhea and urinary tract infections

Spraying disinfectant only kills the uppermost layers and might not kill disease-carrying bugs like ticks that use mattresses to get closer to human hosts. A professional mattress cleaning brings them to the surface and neutralizes them with highly-effective yet delicate solvents.

4. A Cozier Bed For A Better Night’s Sleep

If you love the feeling of slipping into freshly-cleaned sheets, consider how much better it would feel if the mattress was clean, too. Physically, your bed might be softer and smell fresher. Mentally, you’ll rest easier knowing you won’t spend your precious few hours of sleep inhaling all manner of pollutants.

The CDC reports that one in three Americans don’t get enough sleep. Those unfortunate people are at higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression. With a cleaner bed and sounder mind, you’ll rest much easier.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services in Chicago, Illinois

Committed to providing the greater Chicago area with home hygiene solutions since 2008, Chicago Carpet Care is equipped to serve you with the professional mattress cleaning you deserve. After inspecting your mattress, we’ll dry vacuum it and use hot water and gentle detergents to draw out and kill pollutants. Combined with our anti-allergen treatment, everyone in your home will sleep easier and breathe better. Contact Chicago Carpet Care today to find out how.

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