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The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Running and maintaining a business can be expensive and time consuming. Often times, the tiny things that slip through the cracks can have an unwanted impact on your reputation or your bottom line. Often, one of those little things is your floors – with so much going on, it’s easy to just give them a quick vacuum at the end of the work day. However – as we’ve noted in previous blogs, while vacuuming helps, it doesn’t do the whole job. Over time, the dirt and grime left over from vacuum cleaning only will build up, and your clients and customers will be greeted by dirty floors at your place of business. So right off the bat, we’ve got one of the biggest benefits of commercial carpet cleaning: an actually clean floor!

It doesn’t end there though. There are tons of benefits of commercial carpet cleaning. Let’s go down the list:

The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A clean, sanitized floor will be one of the first things clients and customers notice when they walk into your office or restaurant. So what are the other benefits of commercial cleaning?

Your Carpet will Last Longer

Nobody likes overhead – especially on things like carpets, upholstery, etc. But, your floors inevitably get worn down over time, and this is accelerated if all you’re doing is vacuuming them. A professional carpet cleaning from Chicago Carpet Care will greatly increase the longevity of your carpet – meaning you’ll be replacing your carpet much less often, saving you time and money.

Your Carpet will Smell Better

If you’ve ever walked into an old building or restaurant and immediately smelled a moldy, musty scent… it’s likely the carpet. Years and years of slack carpet maintenance can cause an odor your customers and clients just can’t escape. Frequent professional carpet cleanings will prevent the smell from occurring on newer carpets and get rid of the smell in older ones.

Your Workers and Customers will be Healthier

Your Business Will Be Healthier

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, your carpets and floors are hotbeds for bacteria, allergens, fungus, and more. Vacuuming simply can’t remove all of those contaminants, which eventually will lead to allergies or worse. A professional carpet cleaning using our hot water extraction method both neutralizes and removes these contaminants from your floor.

We proudly service the Chicago metro and surrounding areas.

Protect your Reputation and Bottom Line!

At Chicago Carpet Care, we’re committed to keeping your place of business clean, healthy and a pleasure to visit.

We’ve helped businesses of all types sizes throughout the Chicago metro. Our expert cleaning technicians are available to help protect your workers, reputation, and bottom line… so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

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