Is Vacuuming My Carpet Enough?


Obviously, in our business we see a lot of dirty carpets. It’s part of the job! Most people know their carpets are filthy, and that’s why they call us! However – something that happens more often than you’d think is a homeowner becoming shocked when they see the amount of dirt and grime we pull out of their “clean” carpets. They tell us that they vacuum frequently – but as we’ll discuss in this blog… vacuuming is never enough!

Vacuuming Helps…. But It’s Not Enough

Even if you vacuum every single day, it’s just not enough to keep your carpet all the way clean for long. Vacuuming gets up all the loose particles, which is no doubt a big help. However, what it can’t get up is dirt, grime, and microbes small enough to become enmeshed in your carpet fibers,

Dirt and Grime Builds Up and Gets Ground Into Carpet Fibers

When this dirt and grime settles into your carpet fibers, you’re not getting it out with a vacuum. As a matter of fact, vacuuming just grinds these particles further and further into your carpet, and over time, your carpet starts to take on a dingy, brownish tint. The only way to get your carpet back to square one is through the power of water!

Steam Cleaning is Needed Eventually

You’ll need to steam clean your carpet to get it fully clean – and unless you’ve got the equipment lying around to handle that (and no, we don’t mean the little handheld cleaners!) you’ll want to call in professional cleaners to take care of the job. That’s where we come in!

Our Steam Cleaning Method Solves the Issue

A professional carpet cleaning from Chicago Carpet Care will permanently remove ground-in stains and grime. Here’s how we do it:

  • Pre-treat: Our technicians inspect the soiled areas of your carpet and choose the right solutions to loosen the dirt and grime and prepare your carpet, and put down pre-treatment.
  • Stain removal: We remove stains, spots, grime, and dirt from your carpet using eco-friendly cleaning solutions that dissolve and then remove the most stubborn stains.

Vacuuming Helps – But Hiring Pros is the Best Solution!

Vacuuming helps, for sure – don’t let us tell you any different. But it’s not a complete solution. For that, you’ll need to call in the pros… like the team at Chicago Carpet Care!.

We’ve cleaned the carpets of thousands of thousdands of homes throughout Chicago, and we’d love the opportunity to deep clean yours. Get in touch today to book your appointment!

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