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Chicago Hotel Carpet Cleaning

If you own, run, or work in a hotel in Chicago, you might think your maid team is up to the task of keeping all the carpeted floors in your hotel clean. That’s true, to an extent – their hard work no doubt helps a ton. But, (and not to diminish their effort one bit) – unless you are frequently having a professional hotel carpet cleaning team come in to take care of the job, you’re just not getting the deep clean your fabric surfaces need. Sooner or later, you’ll need to call in the experts. Here are some reasons why:

Why A Professional Hotel Carpet Cleaning Pays Off

The Guests Will Appreciate It

As you well know, keen-eyed guests will call the front desk to complain if there’s a stain on their towel. What they might not call about, but still notice, are the stains and grime on your carpets. Dirtiness makes a negative impression on your guests wherever they can see it – and if your carpets aren’t clean, your guests might pack their bags and choose to stay somewhere else

Your Reviews Will Reflect It

Nobody likes staying in a dirty hotel – and spots and stains on the carpet are a sure sign to some customers that your hotel isn’t keeping up with cleanliness. If you go through the negative reviews of any hotel here in Chicago, you’ll see mention of dirty carpets and floors. Don’t let this be you!

Your Inspection Score Will Show it

Dirty, unclean floors in a hotel is a major no-no to be official and unofficial (professional reviewers) alike. Investing in a professional cleaning for your carpets will pay dividends in more ways than one.

Your Bottom Line Will Improve Because of It

When you put it all together – a cleaner building, with higher health department scores and happier guests, that give better reviews… it can only mean one thing: an improved bottom line.

Let’s Get Started – Contact Chicago’s Hotel Carpet Cleaning Specialists!

The best hotel managers and owners pay attention to the details, and keeping your building’s carpets clean is a detail that can pay off big… especially for such a small investment.

If you’re ready to get a professional hotel carpet cleaning from Chicago Carpet Care, get in touch today! Our team will work out a time to get you a quote, and then we’ll get to work. You can call us directly at (888) 449-3227 or head to our contact page to reach us online. We look forward to working with you!

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