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Healthy Homes 101: Anti-Allergen Treatments

If you live with, or are, an allergy sufferer in Chicago – you know how frustrating it can get. Whether you are allergic to the pollen in spring, the mold in winter, or have year-round reactions to dust, dust mites, and dander, allergies can make your days miserable and can have profound effects on your health and quality of living. One of the best things you can do for the health and happiness of your home is have anti-allergen treatments applied to your fabric surfaces by professionals, like the team here at Chicago Carpet Care!

Anti Allergen Treatments from Chicago Carpet Care

While regular dusting and vacuuming certainly helps, it will only get you so far. Eventually, allergens will build up in your ducts and fabrics to the point where they overwhelm your home’s allergy sufferers. If you’re one of them… we don’t have to tell you what that’s like!

Your comfort and health are extremely important. That’s why we offer this service: to reduce the quantity and potency of allergens in your home.

Our anti-allergen cleaning solutions are professionally formulated to alter the shape of the allergens themselves. This reduces or completely eliminates your body’s immune response to them. These solutions are powerful, non-toxic, detergent-free, odorless, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic, and biodegradable… with no volatile organic compounds, and no off-gassing. They are made with all natural ingredients and one of the safest anti allergen cleaning products in today’s market.

So rest assured, you won’t be replacing one allergen with another – you’ll only be reducing the amount of irritants in your home.

Get Rid of Those Allergens!

An anti-allergen treatment from a professional cleaning team can be a literal life changer. Whether you are an allergy sufferer, have an immune disorder like eczema, or just want to breathe easier, we strongly recommend having your home treated every six months.

Call us today or fill out our form to get started. to schedule your anti-allergen treatment!

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