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Healthy Homes 101: Professional Floor Cleaning

Even when floors were made of dirt and stone, people recognized and and sought the benefits of professional floor cleaning. There are a number of reasons to keep your floor clean – not least of which is your happiness! After all – no self-respecting Chicago home or business owner likes it when their floor is dirty… and their guests and customers certainly don’t like it either.

On top of the obvious aesthetic benefits. having your floors and carpets professionally cleaned has a number of health benefits!

The Health Benefits of a Clean Floor


Each time you, your family/friends, pets, or customers walk into your place, bacteria, fungi, and viral particles hitch a free ride…. and are then embedded into your floor. While regular mopping and vacuuming can help to remove these microbes, they just can’t get them all. A professional floor cleaning can – and this will reduce the chances that you and yours will get sick.

Allergen Removal

If you’re an allergy sufferer in Chicago, you know Infectious microbes aren’t the only things tracked onto your floor. Dust, dander (especially if you have pets), pollen and any number of other allergens can accumulate very quickly. Again – mopping and vacuuming regularly can remove a large amount of the allergens, but the rest are pushed deep into the fibers of your carpet or rugs and the porous surface of your tile grout. Eventually, you’ll get overwhelmed, and that’s when it’s time to call in the pros (That’s us!). A professional floor cleaning will neutralize and remove most of these particles.

Damage and Cost Prevention

Regular professional cleaning will keep your floors and carpets looking their best. Floors and carpets that are looked after last longer, and that means less money spent replacing them. Additionally, poorly-cared carpets and floors can become potentially dangerous over time. Holes in your carpet, splinters and rotted boards in your wood floor, scratches in your tiles are all much more likely to happen with floors that are poorly maintained.

Mental Health

Psychologists have presented strong evidence through numerous studies that a clean house is correlated to a lesser risk of heart disease, a lesser risk of depression and fatigue, and an increase in focus and attention. Plus – if your house is in bad shape, nobody will want to hang out there… and after this pandemic, we all know the value of some face-to-face contact! A professional floor cleaning ensures that the surfaces in your home will look their best.

Professional Floor Cleaning from Chicago Carpet Care

Having your floor cleaned by professionals is a crucial component to a happy and healthy home. We’re proud to offer our carpet and floor cleaning services throughout Chicago, and we’d love to help you on your way to a better home. Get in touch! You can call call us or fill out the form below to get started.

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