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Is Carpet Cleaning Worth It? Yes!

When the economy gets tighter, smart homeowners look for ways to save money and reduce housekeeping costs. However, no matter the state of the economy, we think the answer to “Is carpet cleaning worth it?” is always yes. Here’s a few reasons why!

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Worth It

So why is carpet cleaning worth it? Can’t a vacuum do the same job? Not at all – in fact, avoiding professional carpet cleaning and only vacuuming can cause a lot of issues down the line. Here are some pros to having your carpet professionally cleaned:

The Benefits:

Cost Savings

First and foremost – as we discussed in our last blog, having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly is far, far cheaper than buying new. Additionally, our carpet cleaning process extremely thorough, yet also gentle on your carpet’s fibers and fabrics. This will keep your carpet in great shape and condition for many more years than just vacuuming.


You can’t put a price on health. Your fabric carpet attracts and traps all kinds of allergens and microbes, and as they build up, they can have a detrimental affect on your health. For the most part, if you’re keeping up with your cleanings, these microbes will probably only cause allergies to flare up. However, any allergy sufferer can tell you, that’s not fun! In cases of severe soiling (like mold or dander), it can present major issues to the infirm. It’s just not worth it!


For the most part, you can’t put a price on appearances, either. A soiled carpet sends a strong message to everyone who sees it – and they will see it. Vacuuming up the dirt and dabbing up a spill is a short-term solution. When your carpet goes too long between cleanings, the dirt and grime accumulates and your carpet will never look the same.

The Costs:

We can’t speak for every carpet cleaning company – but our rates are very fair, and entirely straightforward. Take a look!

Our Rates:

Carpet Cleaning

  • 1 Room – $45 (up to 260 sq.ft per room)
  • Hallway – $20+ (based on length)
  • Steps – $3 per step
  • Carpet Deodorizing – $10 per room (optional)
  • Odor Enzyme Treatment – $20 per room(optional)
  • Carpet Protector – $0.30 per sq.ft (optional)

Upholstery Cleaning

  • Recliner – $55
  • Sofa – $95*
  • Love Seat – $75*
  • L-Shaped Sectional – $165*
  • Dining Chair – $10 to $20
    *small additional charge will apply if your couch cushions are removable

Mattress Cleaning

  • Twin – $55
  • Full – $55
  • Queen – $75
  • King – $95

Rug Cleaning

Please call for more info as prices and rates change depending on the size and material type of the rug or carpet.

So, Is Carpet Cleaning Worth It? Yes! Book Yours Today!

We think that even in tougher times, carpet cleaning is worth it. You’ll save money over time, and be healthier over that time as well.

If you’ve reviewed our rates and are ready to book your carpet cleaning – get in touch! You can reach us at (888) 449-3227 or fill out our form online. We look forward to working with you!

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Residential Cleaning Prices

  • 1 Room up to 260 sq.ft. per room
  • Sofa/Loveseat
  • L-Shaped Sectional
  • Area Rug based on size
  • Mattress based on size
  • Tile/Grout per sq.ft

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